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Do I need a women's specific shoulder brace?

Posted by Margie Olds on

Flawless Motion is one of the only companies in the world that makes braces for women.Getting the right fit is important and we know that women have different chest shapes than men. There is also good research that shows that compression on the skin from a brace helps to decrease fear and increase confidence after an injury. It makes sense then that we would design shoulder braces for women, that have increased skin contact and are more comfortable.

The Flawless Motion Womens shoulder brace range include both an anterior and multi-directional brace. If you have a had an anterior shoulder dislocation and would like to decrease overheating in your shoulder while you play sport, then you should order the womens anterior shoulder brace. If you require support for your shoulder in multiple directions, or just in the back of your shoulder, then you should order then Women's multi-directional shoulder brace, because it will give you support in a number of different positions. The women's multi-directional shoulder brace is our most supportive brace for women.

Clinically, we see that women have increased tissue laxity compared to men. This is especially noticeable in teenage girls who are growing and have different levels of hormones in their system. Some people have different collagen types and have hypermobility in both shoulders. We have made a bilateral multi-directional shoulder brace to support both shoulders for hypermobile women. Click on the link to see more