womens shoulder brace for both shoulders

Women's Bilateral Brace

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After much demand, we are pleased to bring you the Women's Bilateral Multi-directional shoulder brace. This brace has been designed for women who have ligamentous laxity in both shoulders and require support to keep their shoulders in the correct position.  The brace comes with one bodice piece which is specially shaped to allow for breast sizing, Four straps are also included with the brace (two for each arm). If you would like to wear this brace to play sport, and require additional protection when you lift your arm away from our body, then please purchase additional longer restraint straps.

This brace will provide temporary relief for those with multi-directional instability of their shoulders, and for women with collagen disorders such as Ehler's Danos syndrome. It can also be used by women to wear with additional long straps to protect the shoulders from anterior shoulder subluxation/dislocation.

$399.05 NZD (incl tax) $347 NZD (excl tax)

Size              Chest             Bicep         Cup Size

Small         82-96cm      20-24cm        A-B

Medium    90-106cm       25-33cm     B-E

Large       95-134cm        27-35cm (40cm max untabbed)   (D-G)

Ehlers Danlos
womens shoulder brace