Which shoulder brace is the best one for me?

Flawless Motion specialises in getting the right shoulder brace for you. There are a number of different types of shoulder injuries and they all require different types of support.


If you have had a shoulder dislocation, then you require support in your shoulder. Research has shown us that people who have a shoulder dislocation have decreased awareness of the position of their arm. There is also new research emerging that shows that people who have had a shoulder dislocation have decreased confidence after their injury. The Flawless Motion shoulder brace increases the support of your arm and can increase your confidence in your shoulder. You can position the straps to limit the range of movement while you are recovering from your injury, so that you can be confident your shoulder/arm won;t be knocked out of place by an opponent / ball.

There are different types of shoulder dislocations.

An anterior shoulder dislocation is when you shoulder pops out the front of your shoulder. This typically happens when your arm is out to the side away from your body, with your hand turned up to the ceiling. We have made a shoulder brace specific for people with an anterior shoulder (see anterior shoulder brace). It has mesh in the back of the brace to decrease the over-heating that can occur with some other neoprene braces, yet still provides you with the support that you need.

If your shoulder joint has popped out the back of its socket (posterior shoulder dislocation), then you require support in the back of your shoulder. The brace we would recommend for this is the multi-directional shoulder brace (click here). This brace offers you maximum support and there are multiple types of strap configurations so that you get the perfect level of support for you.

You may have had more than one shoulder dislocation in both anterior and posterior directions. If this is the case, you require a multi-directional shoulder brace, as this is the one that offers the most support.


If you have damaged your AC joint (acromio-clavicular joint), then you require support for your shoulder blade, and you may require protection from contact to the area for a while. The Flawless Motion ACJ brace comes with a pad that can be attached to the brace to decrease the impact to the area. You can also position the straps so that the pressure on the joint is decreased, and the scapula is repositioned. This allows optimal healing of the joint.


If you have torn or damamged your rotator cuff, then you made nee support for your shoulder for a while. The Flawess Motion Rotator Cuff brace can support your shoulder if you need to finish off some projects, or if you need to stay at work while your shoulder is recovering. The brace works by decreasing the load on the muscles by using the straps to support your shoulder. The rotator cuff brace is provided in the unisex pattern, but the womens multi-directional brace can be configured to provide the same level of support, with the addition of an extra short strap.


Flawless Motion is one of the only companies in the world that makes braces for women. We know that women have different chest shapes than men, and we also know that compression and contact with the skin helps to decrease fear and increase confidence after an injury. It makes sense then that we would design shoulder braces for women, that have increased skin contact and is more comfortable, because it allows for your bust.


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