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Brace for anterior shoulder dislocations

If you have anterior shoulder instability where your shoulder is loose in the front (or has dislocated in the front of your shoulder, then this range of shoulder braces is for you.

Over 90% of people who have a shoulder dislocation will have an anterior dislocation. This is when the humerus (arm bone) moves away from the shoulder blade (scapula). If the humerus comes out of its socket, and slips back without requiring any external force, then it is called a subluxation. If the shoulder requires someone to maneuver it back into place, then it is called a dislocation. Recent research has showed that both subluxations and dislocations can result in similar pathology.

Traumatic dislocations refer to the type of shoulder dislocation that occurs when there is external force and trauma which dislocates the shoulder. This kind of shoulder dislocation usually occurs during a fall or sporting contact (such as a rugby tackle). It usually results in some damage to the shoulder. To learn more about the exact type of damage that can occur in a traumatic shoulder dislocations click here

Margie's PhD research is about how to predict who is going to have another dislocation after their first traumatic (external force) dislocation. To read her research papers, click here

To download our patient guide to shoulder dislocations and subluxations, click here

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