Flawless Motion braces perform best when can be adapted for the best possible fit.

Sizing step-by-step

  1. Measure and record the widest part of the chest
  2. Measure and record the bicep
  3. Use the tables below to reference the ideal sizing


If a perfect fit does not appear in the table, choose the brace that is closest to the bicep measurement. 

The brace design allows for variation in chest measurement by providing a variety of attachment sites.

A chest extension is available for purchase should it be required.


Shoulder Brace Size

Sizing for anterior, multi-directional and bilateral braces:

Small: Chest: 76-95 cm (≈29-37 inches) Bicep: 23-26 cm (≈9-10 inches) (non-flexed)
Medium: Chest: 76-98 cm (≈29-39 inches) Bicep: 25-29 cm (≈9-11 inches) (non-flexed)
Large: Chest: 76-110 cm (≈29-43 inches) Bicep: 30-35 cm (≈11-14 inches) (non-flexed)
X-Large: Chest: 90-130 cm (≈35-51 inches) Bicep: 35-42 cm (≈14-16 inches) (non-flexed)


Sizing details for women's braces:

Small: Chest: 84-96 cm (≈33-38 inches) Bicep: 25-30 cm (≈10-12 inches) (non-flexed)
Medium: Chest: 94-106 cm (≈37-42 inches) Bicep: 30-35 cm (≈12-14 inches) (non-flexed)
Large: Chest: 102-134 cm (≈41-53 inches) Bicep: 30-40 cm (≈10-14 inches) (non-flexed)