Support For Shoulders!

This is a multi-media resource to maximise your recovery from a shoulder dislocation. It is designed to inform your about shoulder pathologies, provide guidance on staying on track with your rehabilitation, and also some guided imagery and relaxation which has been shown to decrease your pain and fear after surgery / injury. We hope you find it helpful.



Shoulder Instability Overview



Shoulder Dislocation Anatomy

Shoulder Dislocation Animation

Types of Shoulder dislocation

Anatomy of a shoulder dislocation

Practical Resources

Online Resources

Surgery or No Surgery - How to Decide?

Rehab Overview & Progressions

Phases of rehabilitation

Practical Rehabilitation

Staying on track

Guided Imagery after a dislocation - non-surgical pathway (coming soon)

Guided imagery after shoulder stabilisation - surgical pathway

Personal Stories

Rehabilitation Journal

Attitude Adjustment