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Women's Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace

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Driven by demand from female customers requiring more specific support than supplied by a unisex unidirectional brace, the Women’s Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace is specifically tailored for women seeking comprehensive shoulder stabilisation, without the squashing effect some experience in a unisex model.

Delivering superior comfort through the chest, the Women’s Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace offers the enveloping security of neoprene in all panels, providing maximum support for shoulders presenting as multi-directionally unstable.

Additionally, the full neoprene construction provides increased options for strap placement, enhancing and individualising support, while maximising comfort.

It is possible to add additional short strap, long strap or ACJ strap to this brace.

Women’s Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace summary:

  • Specifically tailored for women
  • Offering more comprehensive multi-directional stabilisation than unidirectional options
  • Recommended for cup sizes B to E
  • Can be worn over a bra
  • Reduces the squashing effect of unisex options
  • Full neoprene construction for enveloping security and comfort
  • Multiple strap placement options for individualised support
  • Helps avert shoulder pain during intensive activities
  • Available in beige only

$235.75 NZD (incl tax), $205 NZD (excl tax)

Sizing details:

Small: Chest: 84-96cm (≈33-38 inches) Bicep: 25-30cm (≈10-12inches) (non-flexed)
Medium: Chest: 94-106cm (≈37-42 inches) Bicep: 30-35cm (≈12-14inches) (non-flexed)
Large: Chest: 102-134cm (≈41-53 inches) Bicep: 30-40cm (≈10-14inches) (non-flexed)