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Anterior Shoulder Brace

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 The Anterior Shoulder Brace helps male athletes get back into the game after recovering from an anterior shoulder dislocation. Its shape offers the most support for the front of an unstable shoulder, specifically one that had popped forward (anterior dislocation).

It stays comfortable by minimising the overheating prevalent in alternative neoprene supports while maintaining an enveloping effect for enhanced physical comfort. The breathable design of the neoprene works to move sweat away from the skin, keeping users cool and dry during intensive activity.

Unique strap placement options enable control of shoulder and arm positioning.

One strap adjusts to restrict the range of forward shoulder motions leading to possible dislocation. The other adapts to restrict the arm as the elastic fabric slows movement, affording the muscles time to respond well, averting further dislocation.

The brace is only meant to support the front of the shoulder. It remains among our more popular shoulder supports, as anterior dislocations comprise 90% of shoulder injuries.

Men’s Anterior Shoulder Brace summary:

  • Specially tailored for active men
  • Offers the most anterior support for the shoulder
  • Aids in recovery from an anterior shoulder dislocation
  • Mesh inserts in the rear minimise overheating
  • Unique strap placement options control shoulder positioning to avert further dislocation
  • Restraint tightness can be adjusted to restrict the range of shoulder motions
  • Elasticised strap safely slows or checks arm movement

Customers outside of New Zealand do not pay NZ taxes. Customers from the UK and EU will pay VAT as the brace enters the UK.

If you need extra width in the chest to fit your bicep size, you can order a chest extension here

Sizing details:

Small: Chest: 76-95cm (≈29-37 inches) Bicep: 23-26cm (≈9-10 inches)(non-flexed)
Medium: Chest: 76-98cm (≈29-39 inches) Bicep: 25-29cm (≈9-11 inches)(non-flexed)
Large: Chest: 76-110cm (≈29-43 inches) Bicep: 30-35cm (≈11-14inches) (non-flexed)
X-Large: Chest: 90-130cm (≈35-51 inches) Bicep: 35-42cm (≈14-16 inches) (non-flexed)