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Stroke / CVA Shoulder Brace

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 The Stroke / CVA Shoulder Brace is designed to aid users with inferior stability of the shoulders, as is typical with stroke patients.

The restraining straps are fixed in place in order to elevate the shoulder.

The comfortable design provides all-day relief from pain caused by subluxation of the shoulder. Strap placement can be used to control internal and external arm rotation to a degree, which aids issues arising from decreases muscle tone, as typically seen in stroke patients.

Stroke / CVA Shoulder Brace summary:

  • Offers shoulder support to users with inferior stability
  • Comfortable, all-day relief from pain arising from subluxation of the shoulder
  • Strap placement allows some control over internal and external arm rotation
  • Aids issues arising from reduced muscle tone

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Sizing details:

Small: Chest: 76-95cm (≈29-37 inches) Bicep: 23-26cm (≈9-10 inches)(non-flexed)
Medium: Chest: 76-98cm (≈29-39 inches) Bicep: 25-29cm (≈9-11 inches)(non-flexed)
Large: Chest: 76-110cm (≈29-43 inches) Bicep: 30-35cm (≈11-14inches) (non-flexed)
X-Large: Chest: 90-130cm (≈35-51 inches) Bicep: 35-42cm (≈14-16 inches) (non-flexed)