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Hot Weather Shoulder Brace : aka 'The HOTTIE"

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Introducing the new hot weather shoulder brace from Flawless Motion. If you need shoulder support and don't want to overheat when playing your sport, then this is the brace for you. The "Hottie" is constructed of breathable Lycra, with silicone imprints (think of your bike shorts) to prevent the brace from sliding around your body and arms. This clever design results in a brace that supports your shoulder and improves shoulder stability, while allowing tailored available range of movement. It can be used to restrict range of motion if you are returning to sport after a shoulder injury, or it can be used to reposition your shoulder blade. This Lycra fabric allows more flexibility and movement, but the straps can be used to make sure your shoulder stays safe while playing sport. Because the brace is not made from neoprene, it is more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Care of the shoulder brace is also easier as it can be washed in a regular washing machine on a cold wash.

If you are looking for shoulder support, but need a bit more flexibility in your brace design, or worried about over-heating in a neoprene shoulder brace, then this is the brace for you.

Sizes are the same for men and women due to the stretch available in the Lycra.



Small 24-36 70-90
Medium 27-39 74-100
Large 31-43 91-110
XL 35-56 98-132