What is the difference between a multi-directional shoulder brace and an anterior shoulder brace?

These braces are essentially the same but the anterior has a panel of mesh in the back instead of making it cooler to wear. The multi-directional braces have neoprene all around the body, are more durable, and present unlimited options for strap configuration. If you have an anterior shoulder dislocation then the anterior shoulder brace will give you support in the front of your shoulder. If you need support all over your shoulder, then the multi-directional shoulder brace is for you

How long does it take to get the brace to North America?

Delivery to the USA and Canada takes 5-6 days depending upon whereabouts you live. West coast can be as as soon as 2 days, but other regions will take longer

How long does it take to get the brace to the UK & Europe?

We ship internationally with DHL and delivery to the UK and Europe takes approximately 5-6 days. Remember that UK customs will charge VAT as the braces enter the UK. They will contact you as your brace enters the UK.

How do I configure the straps for posterior shoulder instability?

Check out our video showing strap configuration for posterior shoulder instability

 Can I wear the shoulder brace for rugby?

Check out the video for Margie' answer.


Can I wear the shoulder brace when swimming or surfing?

Check out the video below for Margie's response.