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Women's Anterior Shoulder Brace

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 Female bodies are formed differently to men, yet for years shoulder brace designs for women have failed to allow for this factor, proving neither comfortable or pleasing in design.

Designed for active women requiring anterior shoulder support, the Women's Anterior Shoulder Brace offers an improved profile while facilitating a pain-free, comfortable experience during intensive activity. The mesh in the back of this brace encourages breathability to provide maximum anterior support, with minimum heat retention – crucial for undertaking sporting activities in hot environments.

Women's Anterior Shoulder Brace summary

  • Tailored for women’s bodies
  • Designed for active women who need anterior shoulder support
  • Recommended for cup sizes B to D
  • May be worn over a bra
  • Comfortable and pleasing in profile
  • Helps avert shoulder pain during intensive activities

Customer feedback:

"Sarah had netball trials last night. She was delighted with the support and comfort the shoulder brace provided. She played four games and was pain-free for the entire trial, and even better, her shoulder feels good this morning.”

  $253 NZD (incl tax), $220 NZD (excl tax)

Sizing details:

Small: Chest: 84-96cm (≈33-38 inches) Bicep: 25-30cm (≈10-12inches) (non-flexed)
Medium: Chest: 94-106cm (≈37-42 inches) Bicep: 30-35cm (≈12-14inches) (non-flexed)
Large: Chest: 102-134cm (≈41-53 inches) Bicep: 30-40cm (≈10-14inches) (non-flexed)