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Zepter Electroacupuncture

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Long used by Soviet cosmonauts for simple and immediate pain relief, electroacupuncture also works to quickly reduce physical aches and tension, using electrical pulses in place of needle pricks.

A leading Russian researcher has further refined the technology for civilian applications, in the form of the ergonomically-designed Zepter Electroacupuncture device.

This smart appliance is now available for practical and effective home use.

Electroacupuncture can remedy various health problems through the electronic application of painless stimulation.

The device identifies and targets proper acupuncture points in less than ten minutes and can also be set to treat pain across broad areas. Both treatment types are affected via smart regulation of pulse intensities.

The 36 conductive pulse-pins feature gold-plated tips that are designed to conduct electrical pulses into the skin.

A simple switch turns on and off operation and sets pulse intensity, while a red indicator lamp flickers to guide the user in operation.

Zepter Electroacupuncture summary

  • Fully pain-free treatment
  • Smart skin stimulation relies on electronic pulsing instead of needle pricking
  • User-selectable pulse intensity enables dual treatment methods
  • The dual operation can target points of action as well as broad pain areas
  • Short therapy sessions last from 3 to 7 minutes
  • Ergonomic design and specialised materials
  • Uses a standard 9V battery
  • Stylish storage pouch included