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ACJ strap

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The ACJ Strap supports the ACJ joint and is designed to fix it in position using the ACJ brace.

Pulled tightly over the pad and affixed to the brace panel with Velcro, the ACJ Strap can be worn with the multi- directional braces to better support the complex shoulder section.

No further strapping is required with the use of this supplementary restraint.

This strap comes standard with the ACJ Brace.

It can be purchased separately with the unisex Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace or the Women's Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace, to be worn as a supplementary restraint.

The ACJ Strap may also be used to enable added support with the Bilateral Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace or the Women's Bilateral Multi-Directional Shoulder Brace.

ACJ Strap summary:

  • Provides support for the ACJ joint
  • No strapping required with use
  • Can be worn with different straps for additional support
  • Can be purchased with the Multi-Directional or Women's Multi-Directional Shoulder Braces
  • Can be used with the Bilateral or Women's Bilateral Multi-Directional Shoulder Braces